Sensory Friendly Museum Days

Sensory Friendly Museum Days at TCMU-Spartanburg are designed for children with special sensory needs, sensory processing differences, and other special needs. Once a month, children will be encouraged to explore the museum, partake in programming, and engage with our staff in an inclusive and comfortable environment.

Upcoming Dates

Saturday, June 8 from 9am-10:30am - Visit the Teddy Bear Clinic at 9am!

What to Expect
  • Bright lights will be dimmed throughout the museum
  • Loud sounds from exhibits will be limited
  • Smaller crowds
  • Designated quiet/sensory break spaces, with a symbol denoting where quiet spaces are on each floor – nursing nook on the lower level and front vestibule on the entry level

Social Narrative

To prepare your child for a visit to the museum, the social narrative can be read to your child ahead of time. The social narrative will tell children what to expect when they visit the museum, from parking and admissions to exhibit play and exiting. Click here to view.

Standard admission prices apply.