Birthday Party Add-Ons

Good-Bag_ContentsEach party comes with a fun and functional goody bag for the birthday child.  Our lime green drawstring goody bags are chock-full of fun with a plastic derby hat, jumbo sunglasses, a small novelty toy, and a TCMU pencil and sticker (Favor colors vary. Please note that our in-stock assortment is subject to availability). You can choose to add on goody bag party favors for all of your guests to make your celebration extra memorable!

The Cherry On Top - Party Favors
  • TCMU Drawstring Goody Bag: $5 each
  • TCMU birthday shirt: $15 each
Food and Beverage Add-Ons
Mini Muffin Platter$24.0048 pieces
Ham & Cheese Roll-Ups$20.00Feeds approx. 10
Meat & Cheese Nibble Platter$22.00Feeds approx. 5
Veggie Platter with Ranch Dip$28.00Feeds approx. 10
Fresh Fruit Platter$28.00Feeds approx. 10
Honey & Banana Roll-Ups$20.00Feeds approx. 10
Breakfast Pastry Combo Platter $24.00mini muffins, scones, donut holes
Pizza$10.00 each3 Pizza minimum, 16 double-cut slices,
Pepperoni or Cheese
Soft Drink (for adults) 2 Liter$4.00 eachCoke, Sprite, Diet Coke, or Lemonade
Additional Cupcakes$1.25 each
Ice Cream Cups$1.00 eachFudge Stripe or Vanilla
Additional Juice Boxes$1.00 each
Bottled water (16 oz)$1.00 each
Sweet Tea (one gallon)$4.00 each
Unsweet Tea (one gallon)$4.00 each
Coffee Carafe (12 cups)$14.00