Birthday Party FAQs

Birthday Party Payments and Cancellations
Fill out an online birthday party request form. Please note that this is not a reservation. The Sales Team will contact you at their earliest convenience to confirm the date and time of your party and take payment. Payments may be made by cash, check, or credit card. Payment must be received the same day when adding on additional items or catering options.
Birthday parties must be booked and paid in full at least 3 weeks in advance: otherwise, we cannot assure that you will get your preferred time and date. Generally parties will not be booked more than six months in advance.
Parties cancelled with 31 days’ notice will be refunded minus a $50 fee. Any parties cancelled within 30 days will not receive a refund. You will have the chance to reschedule your party (subject to availability).
Arrival, Departure, and Parking
 TCMU-Spartanburg is located at 130 Magnolia Street in Spartanburg, SC.  Public parking is available off of Magnolia Street, and there is a public parking garage across the street from the museum.
You and your guests are welcome to arrive as early as museum opening time the day of your party. When you first arrive, you will be greeted by a staff member at the admissions desk where you will check-in, receive wristbands and stamps, and drop off any party supplies or gifts on your designated party cart. Your party host will perform the party décor set up in advance of your party time. Party rooms can be accessed 15-30 minutes prior to your designated party time if you prefer to help with set up. Some families choose a gathering spot in the museum where they and their guests can meet and enjoy shared playtime in the museum before their time in the party room. An announcement will be made over the intercom speaker to inform you and your guests when it’s time to head to your party room.
Leave the crumbs to us! Your party host will facilitate the cleaning of the party room so that you’re able to immediately head out to play after your party ends. You are welcome to stay until museum closing time to maximize your full day of play! Your party cart will be taken to the check-in area or behind the admissions counter for safe-keeping until you’re ready to leave. The carts will be looked after by museum staff, though the museum cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items. Carts need to be unloaded and returned empty to the vestibule area before 4:55PM.


Party Guests
Once you have booked your party, you must share your guest list with us using the form found on our website: []. We ask that you submit your list the week before your party. Remember to that the birthday child and your family count towards the total allotted number of guests at your party. Your party may not begin until we have your invitation list. If a list has not been received, you will be required to fill one out at the front desk before entering the museum. This helps us ensure that you are not charged for any extra adults or children who accompany your invited guests. Please note that adults without children will not be allowed entrance into the museum unless their names appear on your guest list.

Your party package includes admission for 10 children and 12 adults. Please note this includes all family members who will attend your party.  We design our party packages with our room capacities in mind to provide you with the optimal party experience. Inviting additional guests is discouraged, however we will allow you to add up to 5 additional children for $10 per child and one additional adult. Due to room capacity, no more than 13 adults will be allowed in the party room at any given time. 

Please inform the Birthday Party Coordinator if you plan to have additional guests. To guarantee that party resources are available for additional child guests, the Birthday Party Coordinator will need a minimum of five days’ notice. We ask that you indicate how you wish to handle additional guest admission fees.

If guests arrive late, but within the timeframe of the party, they will check in at the front of the museum as usual and simply head down to the party room. Any party guest whose arrival occurs after a party has ended is allowed into the museum only at the discretion of the Manager on Duty (MOD) and the host family. If your party guests will be late, please alert the MOD or Birthday Party Guide. Guests will not be allowed to enter once the party family has left the museum. Birthday guest admission is non-transferable and valid only on the day of the party. 
Museum members’ free entry does not apply to child party guests, as they require consumable resources outside of the scope of their membership. Adult members may use their free entry to enter, but please remember that due to room capacity, no more than 13 adults will be allowed in the party room at any given time.  If your party is over capacity, guests will be asked to step outside the room.

Your invitation from the party family includes one adult and one child. If you:

  1. Plan on bringing children other than those specifically invited by the host family, you must pay admission for said child(ren) and must recognize that this child may not be able to participate in the party festivities unless there is available space in the party package.
  2. Plan on bringing additional adults, you must pay for that adult’s entry. Adult museum members may use their membership to gain free admission for extra adults in their party. Please be aware; however, that they may be asked to stand outside if the room capacity is reached.
  3. Museum members’ free entry does not apply to child party guests, as they require consumable resources outside of the scope of their membership.

Any party guests whose arrival occurs after a party has ended are allowed into the museum only at the discretion of the Manager On Duty and the host family.

Party guests are more than welcome to arrive when the museum opens and stay until the museum closes, to enjoy the full day of play that comes with their birthday invitation.

Food and Drink
No outside food or drink is allowed, except for birthday cakes. This allows for a controlled environment for all of our museum guests with dietary allergies and restrictions, as the party rooms are shared guest spaces. We have a selection of pre-selected catering options; please consult the list of add-on items available. If you are still concerned about a dietary or allergy restriction, please consult the Birthday Party Coordinator at the time of booking a party. Please be aware that TCMU is not responsible for late deliveries from our catering vendors, though we will do our very best to rectify any delays.
Balloons and hanging /wall decorations (including piñatas) are not permitted in the museum.

Though the museum does provide themed decorations, host families are more than welcome to bring their own table decorations and paper goods to better fit their chosen theme. If you plan on bringing your own themed paper goods, please inform the Birthday Party Coordinator so that the museum’s themed decorations are not set up. There will be no discount in price for bringing your own paper goods.

Photo Release:
TCMU reserves the right to photograph or video visitors. If you prefer your party not to be photographed it is your responsibility to inform TCMU staff upon arrival.