TCMU On the Go: Bring The Children's Museum of the Upstate's interactive programming to your site!

Whether it’s a special event, after-school program or in the classroom, The Children’s Museum of the Upstate's outreach program, TCMU On the Go, provides play-based learning for brain and body that are fun and safe.

  • Each program meets South Carolina state standards and offers dynamic hands-on exploration in science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM).
  • All programs promote critical thinking while fostering playful collaboration and exploration.
  • Outreach programs are available all year long!

Choose between an Outreach School Program or an Outreach Special Experience.

  • Multiple programs scheduled on the same day need to be held in a single location.
  • TCMU Educators need access to the program space prior to and after each session to set up and take down programs. After your program is booked, details will be provided in your confirmation packet.
  • Teachers must stay with their group at all times. Our staff is not responsible for students.
  • Any travel outside of a 25-mile radius from TCMU will incur a Travel Fee:
    • $.54/mile for a school program • $1.50/mile for special experience

  • Payments must be made 30 days prior to visit (check or credit card).
  • If school is cancelled on the day of your visit, you may reschedule your visit within the same school year.
  • TCMU reserves the right to photograph or video students participating in event.
  • It is the responsibility of the teacher to notify TCMU staff upon arrival of any student who CANNOT be photographed.

Outreach School Programs

Time: 45-60 minute program
Number of Students per class: 30 max

I am an Engineer
$100 for first class • $75 per additional class
Learn about engineering with familiar characters and
hands-on building! Preschoolers explore the earliest steps of the engineering design process in this class. ELA-3K-1.5, AL-3K-5.4, AL-4K-5.4, M-4K-1.3

What’s in My Sky?
$100 for first class • $75 per additional class
Blast off into space and travel to the moon! Preschoolers will enjoy becoming astronauts for a day as they explore our sky. K.S.1A.1, ELA-3K-6.1, ELA-4K-6.1, AL-4K-2.2

Grossology: The Nose Knows
$100 for first class • $75 per additional class
Why does my nose make snot? This class explores how the nose protects your respiratory system through engaging experiences – including making snot! P-K.1.1, P-K.7.1, P-1.1.2, 1.S.1A.2

The Magic of Magnets
$100 for first class • $75 per additional class
Explore the invisible power of magnetic fields using different strengths of magnets, iron fillings, and more! Students will work in stations to complete different challenges related to magnets. 2.P.3B.1, 2.P.3B.2, 2.P.3B.3, 2.S.1A.1

NEW! Enchanted Engineering
$100 for first class • $75 per additional class
Explore “Once Upon a Time” using engineering practices. Explore the engineering challenges in our favorite fairy tales and design a solution to tackle the problems! Students will have opportunities to design, construct, and test out solutions in this happily-ever-after class. K.S.1B.1 through 3.S.1B.1, K.S.1A through 3.S.1A

Watt’s Current
$100 for first class • $75 per additional class
Participate in experiments using electricity! Students will have chances to create a circuit and explore just how electricity travels through conductive materials. Create music and play digital games with circuit boards. 3.P.3A.2, 3.S.1

Do the Wave
$100 for first class • $75 per additional class
Did you know light travels in a straight line until it strikes an object? The way light reacts depends on the properties of the object it hits. Investigate reflection, refraction and absorption in these hands-on activities. 4.P.4A, 4.S.1, 4-PS4-1, 4-PS4-2

Outreach Special Experiences

Number of Students: Recommended 30 children at a time
Note: These programs require access to 20x20 feet setup space

$250 for 2 hours / $50 per additional hour
Our latest experience includes putting our invention space on wheels and traveling to your classroom! Students will explore the process of invention and engineering standards through this experience.

$250 for 2 hours / $50 per additional hour
Imagination Playground contains a wide variety of large, loose parts, including cubes, bricks, cogs, curves, and cylinders. The blocks have holes and shapes that fit together in ways that allow children to work collaboratively to construct, invent and create an environment through free-play.

Rigamajig is a building system consisting of wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts, and rope.  Through cooperative play, children can think three dimensionally while building their own creations.  Students employ cognitive thinking, trial and error as in the invention and engineering process, and embrace the process rather than the end product.

Have an idea for Outreach program or want to do something different? Contact us to collaborate on an Outreach experience that works best for your organization:

Jane Gomez: jgomez@tcmupstate.org or 864-553-7928