Museum Map

Upper Level: Entrance & Exit, Admissions, The More to Explore Store

  1. Palmetto Basics Toddler Zone, for ages 18 months and under
  2. Farm to Table Fun
  3. Spartanburg Regional Medical Center
  4. Duke Energy's Treehouse

Lower Level

  1. Spark!Lab Jr. Classroom
  2. Go, Go Spartanburg, includes area for ages 18 months and under
  3. Spartanburg Rising
  4. Spartanburg Water


  • Family Restrooms are located on both floors beside the elevators.
  • Mothers' Nursing Nook is located on the lower level.
  • Stroller Parking is located on the upper level behind the staircase, across from the restrooms.
  • The More to Explore Store is located at the admissions counter.
  • No food, drink, or gum is permitted on the museum floor.
  • Questions? Ask a program guide or admissions staff member!