Mess Fest

Join us for this favorite event where we celebrate the art of mess making! Come dressed and ready to make a mess! All activities will take place from 10am-3pm unless otherwise posted below.

Outdoor Activities (weather permitting)

Splat!: What happens when watermelons and chocolate cakes are dropped from the roof of a children’s museum? How big of a splatter will a jug of water make? Join us outside at 3:30 p.m. as we end Mess Fest with our annual satisfying splat.

Giant Gel Painting: Use your hands to create a mural ON the children's museum using squishy gel paint!

Jackson Pollock Painting: Put on your artist hat and make a messy splatter painting in the style of the famous artist, Jackson Pollock.

Baby Bath Station: Uh-oh! Our baby dolls got very dirty. You can scrub-a-dub the muddy babies, and then get them muddy all over again!

Bubble Snakes: Join us to use recycled materials to create snakes out of bubbles!

Hourly Science Demos: See soda geysers, make slime, shoot off ghost rockets and make exploding rainbows at the top of each hour!

Indoor Activities

Collaborative Art Piece: Work together to make your mark on a bulletin board to hang in our Spark!Lab Jr. classroom.

Squishy Sensory Play: Have fun and be creative while getting messy with playdough and water beads.