Halloween Science in the Classroom

As Halloween approaches, we know that children become so excited it’s difficult to keep them on task and focused on their lessons.  Here are some suggestions for hands-on science experiments you can fit in with Halloween festivities and discussions.


Halloween and slime go together for a good time. In this tutorial, learn how to make glitter slime, rainbow slime, galaxy slime, chia seed slime, and glow-in-the-dark slime. Read tutorial here.



Want to show your students how to make a paper ghost rise at their command and dance around? It is fun and simple.  Using a piece of tissue paper, a balloon, and scissors, you can delight your students and teach them about static electricity.  Spooky music is optional! Learn more here.



Create this exciting Halloween-themed science experiment combining baking soda and vinegar into a carved jack-o-lantern. Adding food coloring only makes it more fun…and a little gross! Learn more here.


Check out these other Halloween-themed science websites for projects your students might enjoy: