6 Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you struggling to find that perfect gift for dad? Here are some fun and creative ways to let the kids celebrate Dad!

1. 'Hooked on Dada' Handprint Craft

This super cute handprint plaque would make the perfect gift for any dad who likes to fish. Tutorial can be found at Craft River.

2. DIY Handprint Keychain

Let your child make dad his very own keychain. He will surely love one with his children's handprints. Change up the colors for even more creative fun. Find the tutorial at Cool Mom Picks.

3. Baseball Handprint Craft

This would make a great gift for sports-loving dads! Let the kids create this sentimental, easy craft that will be sure to impress dad! Instructions and helpful hints can be found at The Kindergarten Connection.

4. Handprint Gardening Gloves

These useful gloves are sure to help dad in the garden or yard. He will love using them! This super easy gift tutorial can be found at Foliver.

5. Personalized Wooden Letter

Dads are sure to love this sentimental gift that incorporates a special poem. Let the older kids help write it while the little ones decorate. Find the tutorial at Smart Schoolhouse.

6. Handprint Grill Platter

Fire up the grill! Dad will find this platter very useful when grilling delicious food.  The tutorial can be found at Crafty Mama in Me.